Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Weds, Nov 5, 2003

My friend Kay went with me to the EGA stitch-in Monday. She had a very good time, as did I. The ladies were enchanting and I think I may get Kay to go back with me sometime. She won't drive to Arlington, but I don't mind doing all the driving. Kay took a needlepoint piece that grandmother had started long ago. She wants to finish it but there was not enough thread. Now, you need to understand that Kay is now 60 years old and her grandmother has been deceased for quite some time - so there is not telling when this needlepoint piece was started. The ladies helped with suggestions on what to do with it if she couldn't find the thread. There is only a corner left to finish. Kay has decided that she will either use it as is to make a round cushion for a vanity stool for her daughter OR work her grandmother's name and dates into the corner. She was very appreciative of the suggestions offered.

We visited the Needlework shop in Arlington and again she was impressed. Kay also does painting, and very well, I might add. When she was looking at the needlepoint canvases she realized that she could make her own. She got lots of ideas.

Kay is my "organizing" friend - she organizes all of sorts of get togethers. She is planning on starting a "Just Sew" group for our local area stitchers. We've got to find them but we know they are out there within just a few miles of us.

I took my "Princess and the Pea" with me and several of the ladies commented that they would like to do this one also. They had already worked "Rapunzel" (which is what I would love to do.) Today I am finishing the 10th mattress and will start on the hardanger canopy next. I really love this piece.

I've started organizing my magazine. The first one I am cataloging is my very favorite, and one I never see mentioned on any of the Bulletin Boards, mailing lists, etc. It is "Anna" which is produced by the same people who do the "Burda" booklets. "Anna" is wonderful - it has cross stitch, freestyle embroidery, Hardanger, Schwalm, Knitting, crochet, bobbin lace, you name it - you'll find it. The directions and charts are wonderful. Of course, I have to get out my calculator to convert from cm to in. I really wish they had taught us more about the metric system when I was in school. But alas, they didn't.

Well, I've got a mattress to finish and a canopy to start, plus I need to finish cataloging the "Anna" magazines.

Until later.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Sun, Nov 2, 2003
I'm using the Half Doll Alphabet by Meridel Abrams (The Meri Wanderer) for the first letters of my name on my EGA nametag. This is my first ever attempt at "over one" and of course I used a 32 ct. Jobelan rather than the 18 ct Wichelt Linen that Meridel suggested. I finished the "S" for Susie and told my KISA (Knight in Shining Armor) that I would never do that again. When I finished Susie (using a blackwork alphabet for the remainder of my name) I was trying to decide how to make the "J" of Jordan. Well the Half Doll letter J is just too sweet to resist and not quite as tedious as the S. I'm only using one strand of floss, which is just as well for this 32 ct fabric. Of course, the reason I downloaded the letters was for my two granddaughters, so I will do them again for Megan and Alyssa. I may also use them for my four daughters. I do think, however, I will skip the 32 ct fabric.

An aside from stitching. Why do I call my dear husband my "Knight in Shining Armor?" Well, I've always believed in Fairy Tales since Jiminy Cricket told me that they can come true if you are young at heart. I really, really do. Add to that strong belief the fact that we live in an area where the street names are Camelot, Kings Gate, Queen's Way, Royal View, Castlemount and Knightsbridge (our street) what could be more appropriate. So, when I refer to my KISA, you will know that he has been husband and my KISA for 38 years. Oh, and that is another fairy tale come true. We met on a blind date on New Year's Eve, 1964, and six months and ten days later we were married - and still going.

Back to stitching!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Sat, Nov 1, 2003
I think I'm giving up on getting the "Stitching Bloggers" link to look right. It works and I guess that's all I'll get out of it right now. This is really frustrating. At one time I could really design and publish a web page without any help. You can still visit my Cherokee by Blood pages, although I don't maintain them anymore. Fred Smoot keeps it active. There are links there that need to be replaced but I haven't asked him to do that. He's "kinda" busy maintaining the "First People of Tennessee" pages. I can't do this any more, my mind just won't work correctly (big Sigh.) So, I'm going to go with what I have and get back to "blogging" about my stitching.

The "Princess and the Pea" is coming along well. I hope to finish it next week. I'm working on a name tag for the EGA meeting this next Monday. I'm taking a friend with me and really looking forward to it. This will be my second meeting.

My knight in shining armor has been sick with the flu the past three days. I was already scheduled to have my flu shot yesterday when he came down with it two days before. I nursed him, but kept my distance. The last thing I need right now is the flu. I had a stint implant in April and the flu would not be very good. He's getting better but has missed two days of work. He doesn't miss work, so this has really been bad.

I'm going to go stitch now and will write more later

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Weds, Oct 29, 2003
I've finished the 6th mattress of "Princess and the Pea". Well, almost, I still have to outline the mattress. This is a fun piece to do.

My stash room is the room I need to do a "room rescue" on (Flylady term.) I desperately need to reduce my yarn stash. Checked out several different sites for "Warm Up America" to see if they accept just the yarn. No luck on that. I did, however, discover that Project Linus will accept yarn. I've participated in this before by crocheting a blanket for our local chapter. I thought the organization had gone "kaput" - at least that is what I had heard. Not so, it is alive and well. I will take some yarn to their drop off place, but I think I will also work on a few blankets. I can always use a "break" from my needlework and what better way to take a break. Much better than sitting at the computer playing a mindless game.

More later

Monday, October 27, 2003

Mon, Oct 27, 2003
Yesterday was really great! The high school students at the school that our oldest granddaughter (age 8) attends put on a production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Three of my daughters, the 8-year old granddaughter, two grandsons and I went to the last performance yesterday. It was fantastic! I've been to college plays, high school plays, and professional plays, and this performance was right up there with the professionals. Now you have to understand that up until four years ago this school was just the school for the Texas Boys Choir, which is internationally known. They decided to make it a school for performing arts grades 3 through 12. It is part of the Fort Worth Independent School System but students can come from anywhere in the area - they just have to "try out." They have the normal academics plus performing arts. This is really good since so many schools have been slighting the arts in recent years.

I saw real quilts, crocheted shawls, authentic period costumes that the students, their parents and grandparents all made. Some of the costumes did come from local colleges but everybody participated. So this blog is needlecraft related.

After the play we had a family birthday party for our youngest daughter who turned 35 in the middle of the month and our middle grandson who turned 14 three days later. You will observe as my "blogging" continues that we have a LOT of family gatherings. We are a large family. Five children, seven grandchildren, and two son-in-laws (we did have four but due to a couple of divorces we are down to two.) All sixteen of us were here yesterday at our house - it was so good. Birthdays are important to us and the whole family gets together for family parties. We have birthdays in every month except August. I have to admit that the period between our youngest grandson's birthday in the middle of July and my birthday toward the end of September is what I consider "breathing room" - a time that my husband and I can get away for a short while without having to consider a family gathering. I love the family gatherings and wouldn't take anything for them but that seven to eight week period is also special.

I've discovered "FLYLADY" and she is making such a difference in my life. You would think that at age 59 and after raising five children I would already be organized, but alas, I am a "stasher." Several things have occurred over the past 10 years that have caused my "stashes" to get way out of control. Enter the FLYLADY this past week. I'm getting so organized.

My stitching habit is getting organized also. I'm finding more time to stitch, and considering that I am essentially "retired" from any type of job, I should have more time to stitch.

I need help with this blog site. I changed the template so that I have the links area to the right. But I haven't figured out how to post the links.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Thurs, Oct 23, 2003
I promised to write about my incredible weekend of Oct 11-12 and that's what I will do today. I wish I had written about it on Monday the 13th while I was still so excited. Alas, I didn't the and the following days were pain racked with diverticulitis - YUCK!

Saturday, Oct 11, was a birthday celebration for the small town I live in - it was 40 years old. We had the celebration at the city park which has only been in existence since the early 90's. I'm particularly proud of this park because it came about at my suggestion and the name was also my suggestion - Cross Timbers Park. All of that is another story altogether. Our park has a wonderful playground, a Xeriscape demonstration garden, and a wonderful old railroad trestle bridge that crosses the main ravine in the park. There was a craft and fun area for the children, a craft sales area, food concession stand, and live entertainment.

Two of my daughters and I had a craft table. I displayed some of my Hardanger, Blackwork and Drawn Thread projects (sold a couple of them) and my youngest daughter had some special blend coffees and candies she makes. The second daughter was just helping us out. My husband brought two of our grandchilden to the festivities and we all had a wonderful time. I met some new people and saw many old acquaintances. That evening we all went out to dinner at a local restaurant.

The next day, Sunday, the 12th, I took the two granddaughters and their mothers (my daughters) to an American Girl Fashion Show which was sponsored by Historic Fort Worth and the Star Telegram newspaper. It was a surprise for my two granddaughters. My husband I had given both them American Girl dolls last year for Christmas and then accessories for their birthdays - both of them were born in January. They love their dolls.

The fashion show was wonderful. Young girls were dressed up in the outfits of each of the dolls. The information on the dolls and the girls they represent was also given. If you are unfamiliar with the American Girl dolls there are 8 dolls from different time periods in American History, beginning with a Nez Perce doll from 1764 and ending with a doll from the 1944 time period. The girls had a wonderful time, as did their mothers and myself. My youngest daughter, Alyssa (age 3), won the raffle drawing for two box seat tickets to the ballet "The Nutcracker" and an autographed pair of toe shoes. Both girls are taking dancing lessons, including ballet.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time.

Back to stitching later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Weds Oct 22, 2003

Well I got the link to work. Of course, it's not on the page anywhere that is permanent. I still have to learn how to control this page.

I'm checking out the Earthlink Blog pages (which I can use) and they may be easier to format. I'll let everyone know If I change my blog site.

I will write more later today.




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